Straightrun Consulting

Software consulting and services

Design, architecture and development of full-stack web applications and solutions to help you ease and automate your domain-specific problems. We can analyze your problem space and with the help of your domain experts, identify problems that custom software solution can solve.

Web applications

Custom tailored rich and interactive web applications that will make your company's processes more efficient and more fun. With years of experience we are confident to deliver solutions and get the job done.

User interfaces and experiences

Single page applications (SPAs) with rich editing, content creation and data visualization tools. Be it tabular or n-dimensional data your users need to create, save and visualize, we got you covered with creative and innovative user controls.

Data modeling

With thorough analysis of your problem domain we can design data model that precisely matches the solution you need. Well designed data model is the single most important part of any successful solution.

3D & 2D graphics, procedural geometry

We can provide you with expertise gained from experience with working in interactive architectural 2D & 3D visualization and content creation tools. Be it custom designed rendering engines that can work anywhere from desktop to web browsers, or procedurally generated parametric 3D models or 2D shapes, we can deliver. Got an idea for interactive product customization tools with real-time visual output? Yes we can. Have an architectural project that you need to present on the web or in VR? Let's talk.

About me

Self-taught quality-oriented software developer. I have studied civil engineering and was always attracted to worlds of 3D visualization, source code and programming languages, and to innovative and rich user interfaces. In the early age I took passion in installing as much software as I could on my father's 386 PC and then trying it all. One day I installed something called Java and Python. I couldn't figure out what the former was for, but the latter gave me The Prompt (REPL) that seemed to be way better one than the one I knew from MS-DOS. Much later, I learned to use the coffee branded executable as well.

Tools I use: Clojure(Script), Pedestal, Figwheel, Reagent, Re-frame, HTML5, CSS, Java, Python, PostgreSQL, DataScript, Django, Celery, RabbitMQ, OpenGL, WebGL, Canvas, COLLADA, Blender, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), React.js, Vue.js, and many, many more...

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Goold old fashioned e-mail: dusan (at)